A Holiday

Because Turkey has a national holiday ahead I will be travelling for a week until 19 September. I will be visiting my parents in Çanakkale, discovering new places around, taking a lot of photos  and reading as much as I can. I will be in an internet-free area and since I don’t have a smart phone, unfortunately I won’t be able to post anything during this time.

When I am back at home in Istanbul I will  share new photos and quotes with you. But for now, here is another album… I took these photos during a visit to Bozcaada, an island of Çanakkale.

Wish you a lovely weekend.





23 thoughts on “A Holiday

  1. So beautiful photographs, you almost took me to there… I miss this part of country. Especially the Ida Mountain and the coast from Çanakkale to Ayvalık… Thank you, it was a travel for me too at my desk 🙂 Love, nia

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  2. These photos are lovely! I couldn’t help noticing the overwhelming presence of blue and white in a majority of them – not that I’m complaining, or saying there’s anything wrong with that… It was just an observation! With the blue skies, blue ocean, white puffy clouds, white-walled buildings, etc. Even the shadows seems to cast themselves in a hue of blue (the photo of the cafe table with pink chairs).What a gorgeous place! Oddly enough, my favorite photos were of the red ‘Masal’ sign (which adds incredible contrast to the white walls and blue sky – but I truly enjoyed the whimsy of the sign design!) and the photo of the white cafe table and red chairs. Again, you can see the whimsical vine and flowers that adorn the ‘Masal’ sign around the window frame, and the lovely contrasting bright red, with that ocean blue planter sneaking into the frame at the lower left :0)


    1. Thank you for your comment. I really like white and blue balance which are my favorite colors 😀 I am happy to hear that someone really noticed the details. Also the “masal” sign is really lovely. The word means “tale” in Turkish.

      Thank you again!


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