Around Ida Mountain

In September, I visited my parents again in Canakkale. I’ve always loved the Aegean side of Turkey. The nature surrounds us warmly and the region’s history impresses me.

Here are some photographs from a village up in the Ida mountain. The village is a very old settlement. Remaining neglected for years, it became popular when a group of people -who prefer to live a simple life- settled there. The houses were renovated and the village is now a touristic place.

I really like these stone houses. They look so lovely; also cool in summer and warm in winter. Their colorful windows are great.



7 thoughts on “Around Ida Mountain

  1. Love a stroll through ‘simple life’ history! It brings to one’s conscious the idea of living without distraction or chaos… Just enjoying life to the fullest and not wanting for anything. Thank you for sharing these.

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