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a new year


This is the very first day of a new year, 2018! For the first time, I don’t have any resolution list, any expectation or any wish for the new year. Maybe for the first time, I realize that every single day is a blessing.

I guess every night when we are ready to sleep we should be able to answer this question:

“Did I do something good to my myself today?” 

Since I read a quote of Emerson, I have been thinking about the connection between our thoughts and how we live.

“You become what you think about all day long.” -Ralp Waldo Emerson

I believe our minds find a way to transform our notions into what we have around. They eventually concretize in our life stories.

I mean 

take care of yourself,

dream vividly, dream bravely

remember that you are living in this moment, not yesterday and not tomorrow, so enjoy the moment to the fullest as much as you can, cause it is all we have now.





Photocredit: pixabay.com


4 thoughts on “a new year

  1. I believe the question should begin one’s day. To be generated and repeated and kept foremost in thought throughout the day:
    “Where will be my next opportunity to help someone, to relieve suffering, to bring light to the world?”
    I have a resolution list of one item. You have just read it.
    I resolve this not on January first of every year, but on each day the cosmos enables me to view another sunrise and sunset.
    I agree, “Every day is a blessing.”

    From his book “Illusions”, Richard Bach offers this:
    “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they are yours.”

    And the old adage: “Thoughts become deeds. Deeds become character.”

    Paint your life as you wish it to be. Keep imagining the You you always hoped you would be.
    You can make it so.

    Seek peace,


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